You are probably here because you know you need modern website technology for your practice, but may not know where to start. Below, we’ll walk through some of the essentials, what other chiropractors are doing, then summarize they key points.


In less than five minutes, you’ll have a great idea what the next steps are!


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Chiropractic practices have many unique needs for their websites.

As a doctor, your focus should always be on your patients. You need a  functional website that will work for you by reducing your administrative workload and  increasing your patient count. These three areas can help:

Online Patient Scheduling

If you’re still talking to patients on the phone to schedule appointments, you’re wasting precious time. Not only are you wasting time that can be spent on other activities, but you’re also missing an opportunity to provide an experience patients are looking for (quick & easy scheduling!).

Electronic Form Management


Save yourself time and money reducing paper forms. Providing online form completion & submission allows you to easily collect all the information you need for new patients. You can even have patients sign agreements online, which provides you a digital record. No more scanning paperwork!!

Local Search Rankings


You’re missing out on an Amazon sized river of traffic if patients can’t find you online. It’s that black and white. It’s critical to think about where your potential patients are looking for chiropractic services (hint: search engines and social media). If you don’t have a presence there, you don’t exist.

Here are some key practices patients are hoping you will follow:

Simple new patient process

This shouldn’t be difficult. New patients want an easy way to get started with your practice! Chiropractors capitalizing on this are going to get the best share of new patients. If you have an online form that patients can submit prior to their first visit, you’re off to a great start! New patients can now walk into the office ready to go!

Scheduling should be easiest of all.

Do you have an easy way for patients to book time with you whether they are in a pinch or nerve-ous to get in quickly? If you aren’t doing this 100% online, you are wasting time. An online scheduling system will allow you to create availability for your patients to book electronically! No double booking, less administrative work, and happier patients.

Does your competition have a mobile app?

Chances are, probably not. A mobile app allows your patients to have even easier access to your practice! This app can include push notifications for emergency closings or cancellations, blog content being sent to patients’ phones, and much more!

Make your practice easy to find.

When someone is looking for a new practice, they usually type, for example, “Chiropractor Webster, NY.” If you own a practice in Webster, NY, wouldn’t you want to be one of the very first ones to show up in the search results? Of course you would! Showing up on the first page of search results will help you land more patients.

What’s everyone else doing?

Most chiropractors (90%+….seriously, google chiropractor and take a look) have a website with some basic features:

Online forms

Appointment request


A lot of information

When you’re looking at their site, do you know what you’re supposed to do? If you were a new patient, would you be overwhelmed? Would you know what your next steps are?

Why you should care

The only time you want to follow everyone else is if there is a fire. In that case, RUN!
Follow everyone! However, in business, you need to differentiate yourself; find
out what everyone else is doing and do something different.

Patients are looking to be guided through the “patient onboarding” process and
most chiropractors aren’t able to effectively do that. Most chiropractic sites have too much information and do not easily guide new patients through the onboarding process. 

Don’t forget the most important part!

(Most website’s are built without this)

Can you guess the most important element of any website?

(Hint: It has almost nothing to do with technology.)

PURPOSE! Most websites are built as electronic (and poorly designed) poster-boards to share generic information no one will read.


What does this mean for you?


Is it getting new patients?

Reducing administrative workload?

Simplifying scheduling?

Nurturing leads?

These are all EXCELLENT examples of a clear and defined purpose. Can you guess the purpose of this page? To educate and begin a conversation. On that note, keep scrolling!

Let’s summarize

What have you learned today?

  • Websites MUST have a clear and defined purpose.
  • It should be easy and convenient for new patients to sign up.
  • Local search rankings are a BIG deal!
  • A mobile app will help you quickly reach patients and create deeper engagement.
  • Paperwork should be PAPERLESS (less piles on your desk…)
  • More appointments equals more revenue. Go electronic in your scheduling!

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