Why should you migrate your site to WordPress?

Here are just some of the awesome benefits of doing so:

You get to keep your domain name

You can keep your domain, and we can re-route everything for you! We recommend you let us transfer everything to WordPress optimized hosting, but that is typically optional. We can also host the site for you and make any needed updates easier with one of our monthly maintenance plans! We will create weekly backups of your site, perform needed updates and maintenance, optimize it for search engines, and maintain a fast loading speed!

Your site can be self managed

Blog posts, images, page updates (in terms of text and images) can all be updated by yourself if you would like. In most cases you can even change menu items and and update the layout of pages. However, with our maintenance plans, we are happy to take care of all your site updates so you won’t have to busy yourself with learning the technology.

Wordpress is really easy to use

Typing in WordPress feels a lot like typing in Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. Its actually quite a bit easier and WordPress allows you to preview all your changes before updating your page.

Easy to monetize

WordPress is built to work hand in hand with e-commerce/shopping carts and paid membership/premium content. We will help you create a strategy around these functionalities to help you bring your business to the next level.

Supports full featured social sites

We have built entire Social Media sites for niche interest groups on WordPress that work beautifully. If you are looking to start the next great social network, WordPress is the place to do it!

We can do the whole thing for you!

Once you provide us with the needed credentials, you can expect a carbon copy of your existing but converted into WordPress in under two weeks! If we are also setting up a shopping cart and payment gateway, just add a week to the timeline. We will train you and support you on your site free of charge for a month! If you are interested in having us perform regular updates and hosting, we would love to serve you! %22Click the link above to find out more.%22 

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